Casa Sedra: the "power" of matter meets the beauty of natural tones

Surfaces Novacolor
Project Casa Sedra Guest House
Year 2020
Location Brasov, Romania
Typology Guest house
Materials Textured effects and polished plasters for interiors
Collection CalceCruda, Marmorino KS, Archi+ Pietra Intonaco, Archi+ Concrete
Photo Novacolor

Surfaces of great aesthetic impact, textured effects and natural tones. The brand new Casa Sedra is a beautiful guest house in Brasov, Romania.

Thanks to Novacolor's applications on the walls, guests are welcomed in the structure by high-standing decorations made with stencils from  Novacolor Stencil Collection.

The rooms, characterized by neutral tones, are embellished by the strength of mineral products such as CalceCruda, Marmorino KS, Archi+ Pietra Intonaco and Archi+ Concrete, combined together for a unique artistic effect and perfectly matching with the simple and clean lines of the furniture.

Like true works of art, the walls above the beds in each room are the result of the skills and creativity of the master applicator Catalin Mustata, who has chosen to combine different styles and products, taking care of every detail. The mineral textures selected for Casa Sedra tell a story that takes us back to ancient times and traditional materials, re-interpreted thanks to contemporary raw materials and cutting-edge production techniques.

This is the case of the lime and clay of CalceCruda, the mineral decorative coating with a strong natural connotation that actively contributes to the living comfort. Formulated on the specific properties of hydrated lime, purified clay, selected marble and natural sands, the product is characterized by excellent workability and versatility. CalceCruda respects the environment and it can significantly reduce the concentration of formaldehyde that may be present in the ambient air, as tested by the specific ISO 16000-23 standard.

Another mineral product chosen to decorate the walls of the guest house is Marmorino KS, a lime plaster for satin effects that allows to obtain cloudy aesthetic finishes, with soft and vibrant colors, or completely uniform, like the traditional “Marmorino Veneziano".

Archi+ Pietra Intonaco allows to obtain textured effects with valuable decorative finishes; it is a powdered mineral wall covering for interiors, based on natural hydraulic lime NHL 3. 5 (EN 459-1), air lime, a mix of carefully selected aggregates and rheological modifiers.

To complete the range of decorative finishes chosen for the project, Archi+ Concrete, a powdered plaster for interiors, formulated with hydrated lime and white cement. Archi+ Concrete permits to achieve concrete-like effects in line with the most modern interior design works.