Novacolor's mineral decorative finishes in a residential project in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Designer R.T. Studio, Mr. Rayn Tien
Surfaces Novacolor
Project Residential project in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Year 2021
Location Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Typology Residential space
Materials Textured effects and polished plasters for interiors
Collection CalceCruda - Archi+Concrete

Balance and melody reign inside the residential project in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, realized by R.T. Studio and Mr. Rayn Tien thanks to the local partner Professional Choice Taiwan with the application of KJ ArtDeco, Kaohsiung. Here, the decoration of the home space plays on the return of natural materials in all its forms:  mineral lime-based coatings trigger a stylistic revolution rooted in the protagonism of nature and materiality. External settings come into the inside spaces for an ancestral return to the essential.

The Novacolor products chosen to reflect this new awareness are Archi+ Concrete (for the living room walls and the wardrobes) and CalceCruda (for the bedroom walls).

The first one is part of ‘Concrete’, the Novacolor line of products dedicated to the concrete effects. Archi+ Concrete is a lime-based plaster in powder form. The particular grain size of the product and the overlapping with the acrylic-siloxane color wash Fase Silossanica, allow to obtain effects similar to “cement” and for this reason suitable for modern design works. The thickness of the applied product also guarantees protection over time to the substrate on which it is applied.

CalceCruda is part of the ‘Minerals’ line, which selects traditional raw materials, such as lime and clay, yet combined with modern technologies in a perfect match between innovation and tradition.  The mineral microporous coating, with its strong natural connotation, actively contributes to the comfort of the home, reducing the concentration of formaldehyde that may be present in the ambient air. The formulation with clay guarantees an excellent workability of the product.  The presence of cellulose fibers strengthens and armors the structure, contributing, in synergy with the other components, to the realization of higher thicknesses. CalceCruda allows you to obtain high-quality finishes with cloudy aesthetic aspects, soft or warm colors, while providing an elegant piece of furniture for indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

Novacolor has always been extremely sensitive to environmental protection, which is why it has made an important and conscious effort to eliminate or drastically reduce the use of harmful substances and toxic solvents, right from the stage of study and design of new materials. 

The most significant example is the Mass Balance Approach project: the aim is to reduce the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by massively replacing fossil raw materials with renewable resources derived from biomass. Sources of biomass are bio-naphtha and biogas derived mainly from agricultural waste, organic waste and vegetable oils. Since 2018, Novacolor has been able to offer its customers paints formulated with sustainable raw materials, while maintaining the same quality standard as ever.

Novacolor produces and distributes innovative and low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) products worldwide and is constantly engaged in LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) analysis, which examines the entire life cycle of the product and its impact on the environment.

For Novacolor, care and attention to the environment is the first step in its mission towards the common and social good.  In addition to the low environmental impact, thus an indirect benefit to the person, there is a direct benefit to the applicator while using the products, and to the individuals or families who live or work in environments that have been painted or decorated with low-impact products.

*R.T. studio was born in 2015 in Kaohsiung – the largest port city in southern Taiwan.  Each design project is meticulously designed to meet customers' needs and reflect their personal style.  A company that is committed every day to creating high quality designs with  the professionalism matured over the years. Official website:

*For over 35 years Novacolor has been the Italian brand dedicated to interior decoration, active in over 50 countries and is the national and international reference point for architects and color designers. Novacolor has always been attentive to issues related to ecology and environmental protection. His research and development department are committed to the study of new solutions that can on the one hand guarantee the maximum functionality of the product and on the other hand respect for nature and care for design with lines that rediscover the material and its colors.