The Novacolor Brand Experience Store in Huizhou is signed by LICO Design

Designer LICO Design
Surfaces Novacolor
Project Novacolor Brand Experience Store in Huizhou City
Year 2020
Location Huizhou City, China
Typology Showroom
Materials Textured effects and polished plasters for interiors
Collection Marmorino KS, IRONic, Wall2Floor
Photo Novacolor

Marmorino KS, IRONic and Wall2Floor are the products chosen for a sensory experience where visual and spatial perception come together.

Exploration and dialogue build the central concept of “Between Worlds by LICO”, ​​the project created by LICO Design for the Novacolor Brand Experience Store in Huizhou City , China. Created thanks to the Novacolor Chinese partner “Bardese”, the space is structured on the basis of mutual exploration and dialogue between pairs of apparently distant worlds: painting and architecture, line and curve, universe and human being, inside and outside, virtual and real, individual and totality, brand and customer.

The goal is to establish a unique visual and spatial experience, which breaks the traditional way of displaying products on shelves and allows the brand to speak directly to its customers. The architectural design of the interiors therefore focuses on making the brand protagonist, adapting the language of the design elements to the characteristics of the products used: "the product is space, space is the product".

LICO Design breaks the traditional form of a showroom with an “exhibition hall” and chooses to build the space by creating an atmosphere that directly interprets the brand, highlighting the strengths of the products used: technical innovation, respect for the environment and quality.

The Novacolor products chosen in this case are: Marmorino KS, protagonist of the internal and external walls, a traditional fine lime plaster with a smooth and elegant satin-effect, that gives the overall aesthetic of the architecture a “cloudy” appearance with soft and vibrant colors.

IRONic, the real oxidation product for interiors and exteriors, gives the entrance wall of the showroom a striking rust effect with a strong aesthetic impact.

The task of “dressing up” the floors was finally entrusted to Wall2Floor, an elegant and versatile multilayer system that allows the creation of seamless continuous coatings, according to the latest architectural trends. Clean lines and surfaces that are never the same, which reconnect to an essential dimension where true luxury is concrete and natural elegance.

On the upper floor of the store, a wall is dedicated to the display of the 112 colors of MATmotion, the line of professional enamels and water-based paints with an ultra-matt or eggshell finish,  that make rooms elegant with an extremely low  environmental impact, thanks to the absence of formaldehyde and added plasticizers and low emission of volatile compounds.

LICO Design

LI (Chinese, 力), refers to skill, efficiency, doing; CO (Chinese, 高), refers to the dimension, to reaching the top, to creating. From LICO's point of view, an innovative, aesthetic and spiritual design solution represents only 50% of the entire design system, while the other 50% is obtained from execution. Focused on the construction of the spatial function, Lico's goal is to convey an aesthetic perception aimed at satisfying an ideal lifestyle.