MATmotion Color Trends 2021: six colors dedicated to feelings

Surfaces Novacolor
Year 2021
Materials Matt and eggshell paint
Collection MATmotion

Novacolor colors of the year are “green” too

Novacolor color consultants selected the new Color Trends 2021, six colors of MATmotion dedicated to feelings. MATmotion is a product line of ready-to-use enamels and professional water-based paints with ultra-matt or eggshell finish, super washable, drip-free, suitable for the decoration of interior walls and ceilings also on large surfaces. Six colors chosen for their positive charge full of energy and harmony, making the rooms elegant and unique. No more walls but furnishing accessories.

MATmotion Color Trends 2021 are:

Globe (code MM161) – A white rice that represents peace, purification, a new beginning. A warm natural color that finds its dimension both in the modern design and in more classic environments.

Ophelia (code MM165) - A dark pink that conveys affection and protection, which influences feelings converting them into kind, soft and deep. A positive color that incurs a sense of security and true optimism for the future.

Falstaff (code MM169) - A warm orange associated with warmth, health and symbol of inner harmony. It induces calm, awakens the attention, stimulates to speak and listen. It is appropriate to use it to paint the walls of the rooms where people welcome people.

Cleo (code MM173) - A medium dark shade of yellow that helps to give brightness to the darkest spaces and evokes pleasant sensations, associated with the sweetness of honey. Thanks to the chromatic proximity to the elegant and precious gold, it makes the rooms chic and gorgeous.

Ippolita (code MM177) - An olive-green color named after olivine, a mineral stone with a calming power on the nervous system that reduces stress. It is an elegant color that gives vivacity and cheerfulness to the domestic spaces.

Tybald (code MM181) - A cerulean color reminiscent of the sky and the vast expanses of water. It is a color that cleans, nourishes, refreshes, purifies, transforms substances dissolving them, making them mixable.

MATmotion is green, free of formaldehyde and added plasticizers, with low emissions of volatile compounds during the application. It allows to achieve a particularly uniform finish, suitable for environments where you want to ensure an excellent aesthetic result combined with speed of execution.

It is available in the Supreme, Extra and Urban versions with matt and eggshell finishes, and from next year in the brand-new matt version MATmotion SilverCare formulated with silver ions to guarantee the maximum hygiene in the rooms and zero VOC. In 2021, MATmotion becomes more and more “smart” with MATmotion DECO, the new user-friendly decorative finishes - Silk, Marocaine and Velvet - for metallic, sanded and matt trowelled effects.

To customize wooden furniture and small design objects with a vintage effect in shabby chic style, Novacolor offers MATPASSION Chalk Paint effect. Silky and velvety to the touch, it is the decorative matt paint for interiors for aged and worn-out looks, ideal for both the professional decorator and the DIY.

To present the MATmotion line, a set of tools that Novacolor developed for designers, architects and retailers such as: the master Color Card with 112 shades, the MATmotion Color Wall - a display wall designed for shops, and the MATmotion Smart Book - an attractive folder showcasing the full color collection, an inspirational book and a selection of effects applied with the new MATmotion Silk, MATmotion Marocaine and MATmotion Velvet.

In addition, thanks to the APP Decorizer, developed by Novacolor and available on Apple and Android stores, you can discover the entire MATmotion line and capture your favorite colors directly from the surrounding environment. Thanks to the CUBE color picker, it is possible to read any color through a photo or an object, and to find the most similar shade in the Novacolor range. A formidable tool at your fingertips to make every idea come true.