An elegant dialogue between indoor and outdoor for a villa in Los Angeles

Designer Architectural project: McClean Design / Interior: Studio Svetti Architecture with MASS Beverly
Project TR 102 Los Angeles
Year 2015
Location Los Angeles, USA
Typology Housing
Photo Studio Svetti Architecture

This residence in Tanager Way in Los Angeles was born from the coollaboration of Emanuele Svetti with Mary Ta and Lars Hypko, histrionic owners of Mass Beverly and Minotti LA.

The architecture of McClean Design on the Hollywood hills was the perfect context: large glass walls, with the light that filters in every direction, an infinity pool overlooking Downtown with a breathtaking view. These are the main features, the "Raw materials" on which we based the "TR-102" project, a luxury private residence located in Los Angeles, in the exclusive West Hollywood neighborhood. The two keywords were light and lightness.

The villa is literally set in a sort of cul-de-sac, where the view is amazing. Our task was to enhance spaces, expertly modeled by McClean, with the eclecticism that contradicts my studio, trying to define every single area creating harmony in open-space architecture.

You enter through a gate, defined by two walls covered in marble, and immediately you can find a spectacular living room defined by glass walls. You can access the room through a walkway that shows you the way, walking over a stretch of water on the lower floor.

Starting from the “spectacularizating” philosophy typical from Hollywood, the living areas of Minotti have been integrated with the kitchen of Ernesto Meda in Gray Stone, with metal lamps of Henge, in a material succession of a soft chromatic palette that gives spaces a refined nuance, where the only "excess" is the selection of art pieces that harmoniously accompany the client's gaze, giving a "wow" effect to the guest.

The articulation of the internal spaces elegantly celebrates the strong union that is created between indoor and outdoor in this residence, where the essentiality (simplicity’) of the architectural lines of the house make the most of the view on Downtown and the direct view on the swimming pool, which extends over everything the main front, enhancing the external terrace with a wide use of sliding glass walls that allow to maximize contact with the external environment. 

In the entertaining areas placed on the lower floor, the connection between inside and outside continues. In fact, this floor contains a green space enriched with stretches of water interrupted by an artificial waterfall which gives us pleasing and unexpected emotions while flowing. Inside this island of water placed on a double volume, iconic outdoor furniture is displayed in order to give owners an immersive experience when they will feel the need.

In the same place there is a lounge bar with a counter realized on a custom drawing, covered with scratched and embossed Fossena stone and aback-painted stop-sol glass lower frame. On the same floor you can find a multimedia room for moments of leisure and evenings with friends. Given the technology chosen and the high level of soundproofing designed during the planning phase, you can also enjoy movie or football game nights.

To conclude there is the garage, which was actually designed to be an Art Gallery, a vault where you can admire the car collection and the art works property of the well-known owner, a clue? The initials are C.K.


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