Cladding in marble and travertine for the Carlo Erba Residences in Milan

Designer Eisenman Architects / Degli Esposti Architetti / AZstudio
Project Residenze Carlo Erba
Year 2019
Location Milan, Italy
Typology Housing
Materials Marble, travertine, glass, metal
Photo Maurizio Montagna, Marco de Bigontina ESPERIENZA-DRONE

On a triangular lot surrounded by buildings dating from the early twentieth century to the 1970s, New York architect Peter Eisenman, in collaboration with Degli Esposti Architetti and AZ Studio, recently completed the “Residenze Carlo Erba” project in Milan, a residential complex with a distinctly contemporary look that does not, however, renounce the canons of 20th century Milanese tradition.

The building, immersed in the urban weave of the Città Studi zone, extends with its S-shaped volume over a surface of 14,000 square meters distributed on 9 floors hosting 75 apartments with double exposures and with 80 to 200 square meters of floor space.

The complex consists of a stratification of different horizontal bands, slightly staggered from one another. Its façade features three types of cladding: the first three floors, which comprise the base of the building, are covered in travertine, with loggias and windows that are constant in size. The fourth floor, conceived as a modern “piano nobile” or main floor, has metallic cladding and large glassed apertures and, slightly set back, creates a spacious balcony.

The upper floors, covered in white Carrara marble, on the fifth and sixth have a grille in white metal designed on golden ratio proportions. On the last three floors - also encased in a framework - the building gradually retreats to a step profile consisting of independent townhouses with big terraces and roof gardens.

Pasqualino Pietropaolo


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