Palazzo Cavanis, Venice - From home and wood workshop to exhibition space

Project Palazzo Cavanis
Year 2019
Location Venice - Italy
Typology Exhibition space
Materials Parquet
Photo Enzo Marcantonio

Located along the Fondamenta delle Zattere, bordering the Church of the Visitation, and overlooking on the island of Giudecca, Palazzo Cavanis is a 16th century building used today as a residential unit and as renowned exhibition space.

Its privileged position in the Dorsoduro district, artistic and cultural heart of Venice, makes it one of the main meeting points for the most prestigious national and international events, such as the Biennale di Venezia. In 2019 in fact, the palace opened its doors to welcome artists and visitors of a collateral exhibition of 58° Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte.

The building, in its structure and decoration, still bears traces of what are some of the characteristic elements of the Venetian palaces of the 16th century and the following two centuries, in which he has lived through various transformations up to his present conformation. The building was in fact in principle used not only as a dwelling but also as a wood workshop, because of its position along the Fondamenta delle Zattere, known at the time as the place of the city destined to the arrival of the loads of material from the mountains, in particular wood.

It is precisely in light of this that CP Parquet floors have found space inside the building.

The rooms of the building used as exhibition spaces in fact, have been furnished by the Collection Antico Asolo 2 Layers, in the model Versailles, European Oak Rustic. To give the idea of antiquity and historicity that still dominate the palace, the floors have also been customized in the finish: Millenium worked, hand planed, stained and varnished Miele.

The choice of the Quadrotte Collection reveals the desire for a return to the past when this type of wooden floor was used to furnish the noble residences. Beautifully reinterpreted in a contemporary way, the Quadrotte are beautifully combined with the timeless charm of such a historic setting.


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