Octo_Max. Online 3D Configurators for Interior Design

Surfaces Octo_Net Startup Innovativa
Project Octo_Max
Year 2021
Location Milan
Typology 3D Online Configurator

Octo_Max. Online 3D Configurators for Interior Design


Octo_Max is the first online 3D configurator made specifically for the world of Interior Design developed by Octo_Net, an innovative startup that offers a perfect mix of marketing and technology to the furniture and interior decoration industry.

The Marketing Technology in the surfaces industry

The surfaces industry (the one dealing with various kind of floorings, wall-papers, wall-paints and so on) has always been concerned with material innovations. With this kind of orientation, the mastering of marketing techniques plays an increasingly strategic role. And these techniques, in turn, must be built-in in the attitudes toward clients. To be sure, the most recent market trends afford a certain degree of optimism. But one must recognize that only those capable of surfing these new, positive trends will benefit from them. And this precisely requires embedding these techniques in the very relationship one has with clients. This is the point: how to govern this wave of change in order to benefit from it? The answer – and the keyword – is one: awareness.

Being aware of what? First of all, that a change is occurring; second, that nobody will be left untouched by such a change; Third, that such a change is digital in nature. Of course, most of the Italian industries dealing in surfaces are already digitizing their productive processes. However, their communication and marketing operations are not going through the same transformation. And it is precisely on such terrains that the most important challenges are to be met. 

The weapons - needless to say – are technological. Indeed, the evolution of digital habits is building a bridge over the gap between the producer, on the one hand, and the final customer, on the other. Such a process might be conceptualized as one of disintermediation in the supply chain, a process through which intermediaries and middle-men are increasingly cut-off and whose control depends on the mastery of the tools of online communication. Today, those customers once relying on single, trusted retailers are now turning to the internet to gather information about products and to compare them with one another. This tendency – no doubt – extend the customer journey and increase the time taken for each purchase. Therefore, any tool that facilitates this process for the customer - making it smoother, easier, and faster - is strategic.

In the domain of wall-covering and flooring, online configurators serve precisely this purpose.  They allow to give customers a clear idea of how a certain kind of marble, parquet, or tile would play out in a realistic setting, thereby correcting for their lack of imagination and making the product proposal more persuasive.


The same point holds – perhaps even more solidly – in the case of Augmented Reality solutions. These allow to show how a certain material would fit not simply in any room, but in the very room in which it may end up, in real time. With such a technology, the user can use his/her own smartphone camera to visualize how a certain marble or tile would fit on any given surface, comparing and choosing on the base of this realistic preview. Moreover, if just a few years ago these Augmented Reality solutions required apps to run smoothly, now they run smoothly on websites.

 This is just one example of how the digital transformation is impacting the world of interior design and the industries connected to it. Startups like Octo_Net – dedicated to the production of web-based immersive technologies - are born precisely to offer their clients the tools to ride this transformation, making them as intuitive, affordable, and reliable as possible. Configurators and Augmented Reality solutions, thanks to firms like Octo_Net, are now deliverable to website owners in a matter of days. The future looks increasingly competitive and adapting to innovation is crucial to meet its challenges. As there’s no shortage of innovative tools, it is now time to adopt and benefit from them.

Michele Campagnoni - CEO Octo_Net Startup Innovativa

Try Octo_Max online: https://octomax.studio/configuratore-superfici-online/ 

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