Alvisi Kirimoto designs in Rome the domestic landscape of a farmhouse with a rock soul

Designer Alvisi Kirimoto
Project House C
Year 2020
Location Rome, Italy
Typology Residential space
Photo Serena Eller Vainicher

Immersed in the greenery yet located in the heart of the city, a few minutes from iconic sites of contemporary Rome such as the Auditorium – Parco della Musica by Renzo Piano and the MAXXI – National Museum of the 21st century arts by Zaha Hadid, the architectural firm Alvisi Kirimoto has completed the interiors and the design of the outdoor spaces of House C, a farmhouse rebuilt on the volume of the existing building, firmly anchored on a hill overlooking the Inviolatella Borghese park, north of the capital.

For the owners, it was important to have a home well integrated into the landscape, with bright environments and a strong connection with the outside, where nature can be enjoyed without relinquishing the vibrant pace of the city. This welcoming, open house was designed primarily for moments of conviviality with friends, but also to host the atelier of the owner: Antonella of Opificio Lauchli, who works in the artisanal field for the creation of custom-made complements and furniture, interior decoration and the transformation of antique furnishings.

The archetypal shape of the farmhouse is balanced by the contemporary interiors, which are spread over three floors, in which the architects wanted to enhance the feeling of freedom and space, exploiting the height of the ceilings, limiting the number of walls and leaving the perimeter permeable with a series of French doors leading to a large garden.