Casa di Confine by Simone Subissati: a modern interpretation of traditions

Designer Simone Subissati Architects
Project Casa di Confine/Border Crossing House
Year 2019
Location Polverigi (AN) - Italy
Typology Villa/Country house
Photo Alessandro Magi Galluzzi

The long and compact body, that allows the simultaneous vision of the two sides of the ridge from any environment, symbolizes the border, the threshold to cross, emerging as the main theme of the projectual research. A concept that is develop in a different way in the ground floor (day) and the 1st floor (night). The project borrows, from the traditional rural home in Le Marche region, the compactness and the longitudinal development of the building with residential space in a row.

The ground floor is a cut block, covered in varnished iron with anti rust primer. The first floor, as though suspended, is composed by a more closed and intimate section and by an hybrid, inner and external space, surround by a perforated membrane.

The two levels have different connections with the external space. On the ground floor the cyclic theory of the vertical cut allows visual and physical permeability. The body of the building can be crossed in more than one position: the patio entrance, the living and bathroom/spa. In the closed block of the first floor, an unusual window, with kaleidoscopic viewfinders head towards the landscape, giving the possibility to look out at the two counterposed slopes from the same position.