DEGW designs the new EY office in Rome - Room for experimentation

Designer DEGW
Project EY Rome
Year 2020
Location Rome, Italy
Typology Offices
Photo Cortili Photo

DEGW, a Lombardini22 Group brand, designed the interiors of the new Rome offices of EY, a company specialising in business consulting services. The new offices are located right in the heart of Rome’s old city centre inside the central business district near Piazza di Spagna and Villa Borghese. The project strengthens business relations between EY and DEGW, further consolidating a partnership previously set up for the construction of its offices in Milan.

The project was carried out as a synergy between FUD and TUNED (Lombardini22 business units), which were, respectively, responsible for the physical branding/wayfinding and design of wavespace drawing inspiration from neuroscientific studies into the architecture of spaces.

“A hive of values” is the expression that best sums up all the work and thinking carried out by DEGW, a project that aims to rewrite the future of the city in which it is located. The building is set over 9 floors above ground and 3 underground levels incorporating a total of approximately 900 workstations over an area of 18,000 m². It is designed in the image of a hive, which takes on two meanings here. On one hand it exemplifies organisation, evoking the kind of busyness associated with a bee while, on the other, it refers to the company’s distinguishing traits and the main colours of its brand identity.

The very layout of the interiors alludes to the stylistic metaphor of a beehive, geometrically arranging and organising the busiest spaces while leaving room for special/break areas and an innovation area. This same blueprint is used to develop relations between the corporate values being conveyed - technology, integration, cooperation, sustainability, and dynamism - and the materials used.

The materials and furniture serve to identify different types of space. The reception features an eye-catching wooden desk alongside a videowall, stone-effect tiled floors and ceilings clad with white plasterboard. The coffee bar is a spacious area with a very warm atmosphere sharing certain some of the natural features as the main patio: the wood-effect tiling on the floor and a large island desk.