Patascoss Madonna di Campiglio: contemporary with Dolomites view

Designer Nicola Zema Architetto
Project Patascoss Madonna di Campiglio
Location Madonna di Campiglio (Trento), Italy
Typology Housing
Photo Paolo Sacchi

Madonna di Campiglio (Trento, Italy). In one of the most exclusive and glamorous ski resorts, Nicola Zema oversaw the renovation of an apartment for the holidays. The house offers the opportunity to capture a sense of the place and its mood: the Brenta Dolomites and its skyline. The space can find a natural affinity with the landscape in which it is inserted through the large windows to ensure the highest possible visibility, facing on three sides, which provide good natural light.

The aim is achieved thanks to custom-made furniture, that can create formal clarity and improve the perception of the environment: partition walls exist only if necessary (structural ones or for the lifts). The house is as an open space, divided by only one cupboard, serving both the living room and bedrooms, favoring disposition on the north- south, retraining and making it more fluid and airy, thanks to adherence to the balcony, living area, located to the east.

Furniture give this apartment a unique sense of continuity and belonging. The concept is to hide any doors that are concealed inside the wall panel in which they are integrated. It makes the sense of an old mountain house, where doors were cut into the wood wall.  In the living area there are three areas that while not physically divided are quite distinct from each other: the limit of the cuisine is marked by a broad peninsula that overlooks the dining area, identified by a central table, which can be raised and enlarged in case of guests. This area is separated by a conceptual line that starts from the chimney from the sofa area.

The minimalism and the brightness of the spaces are warmed by a customized fireplace, integrated to the HI-FI/TV furniture designed by Nicola Zema, as if to merge the charm of a timeless tradition with the most modern technology. TV can be hidden by an electric lift in the furniture, leaving a free view on Dolomiti. The rooms are located on the west side, in the tranquility of the forest, and the panoramic view is open to the master bedroom. In the second bedroom can be found 4 beds, thanks to solutions of bunk beds and hidden beds.

Has been paid particular attention to the choice of materials for floors and finishes, to modernizing the environment, to unifying both comfort and aesthetics: we can find just only 5 materials: white oak, dark oak, tortora lacquered wood, leather and stone. The saw cut oak in ice finishing, makes the space bright and large reminding to an old hand made wood. The dark oak and tortora lacquered wood emphasizes certain elements and project lines, making new definition of the spaces and their use. Leather is especially for the sofa, it is a particular and very exclusive ash tortora leather. Where we find water, we can find even the stone, in two bathroom and shower and in the kitchen.

Nicola Zema designed the kitchen, table, and every furniture. The result is a house ad hoc sewn on the needs of the client, following the taste of the architect. Everything seems to be in the right space and in the right colors. The project can unify aesthetic, comfort, functionality, landscape and relax in one solution to live and make the most of this holiday home.


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