Recycled plastic sheets adorn The Student Hotel in Delft

Designer The Invisible Party
Surfaces The Good Plastic Company
Project The Student Hotel Delft
Year 2020
Location Delft, Netherlands
Typology Hotel
Materials Recycled plastic sheets
Photo The Good Plastic Company

The latest in sustainable philosophy is embodied in The Student Hotel in Delft, with interior surfaces and furniture made from recycled plastic waste. The result is a haven that represents travelling and living with a conscience. The striking interior design is the result of a successful collaboration between the industry-leading and award-winning hybrid hospitality brand, interior designer The Invisible Party, sustainable material manufacturer The Good Plastic Company and professional construction studio Fiction Factory.

The foyer of the growing chain’s newest location is clad in distinctive bespoke-patterned plastic sheets made from refrigerators, spools and single-use cutlery. The panelling is 100% recycled and easily recyclable, extending indefinitely the economic life of the polystyrene from which it is made. It serves as strong visible evidence of the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and supporting circular economy principles in its design.

Eye-catching patterns and colours were chosen to draw attention to the global problem of plastic waste, with a bespoke design that pays homage and puts a modern twist on traditional Delft pottery. A blue and white field with warm pink and orange highlights forms a dramatic but friendly foyer wall that greets visitors and immediately sets out the hotel’s stall as a place to stay that is as committed to environmental values as its honoured guests.

A co-working area in the hotel features work surfaces made from The Good Plastic Company’s monochrome Reverse Timeless Duo pattern, produced from old refrigerators and household electronic goods such as computer keyboards and mice. The elegant mix of white dots on a black surface is both a stylish design and a practical sustainable solution.

The collaboration is a physical manifestation of The Student Hotel founder Charlie MacGregor’s ambition to give students inspiring spaces in which to explore their purpose, realise their potential and change the world. Using local recycled materials demonstrates how plastic waste, the 21st century’s infamous ‘bad guy’, can become a hero of interior design. The digital generation that has grown up with computers and household electronics can now take pleasure in seeing these discarded objects being given new life.