Exotic charme for the breakfast room of Meliá Plaza di Valencia

Designer Boconni Projects
Surfaces Glamora
Project Meliá Plaza
Year 2020
Location Valencia, Spain
Typology Restaurant
Materials Wallpaper
Collection Collection VII/Exotic
Photo Glamora

Boconni Projects has transformed the basement of Meliá Plaza, a prestigious hospitality structure located in the heart of Valencia, into a sophisticated breakfast room.

The architects chose to use Exotic, one of the designs in Collection VII by Glamora, with a view to creating an environment that is refined yet contemporary at the same time, and generating the illusion of being immersed in an indoor garden. Juan Boconni, the project manager, told us how the restyling plan was developed, explaining the importance of the surfaces in such a specific environment and describing the technical and practical requirements he encountered.

How was the project for the new breakfast room of Meliá Plaza developed?

The project was commissioned by the Meliá Plaza Hotel in Valencia. The breakfast room was located in the basement of the building, so we imagined a concept that would combine a contemporary, cosmopolitan look with the need to reconnect with the beauty of nature.

What were your sources of inspiration?

We were inspired by the desire to create the illusion of being immersed in an indoor garden, despite being in a closed space with no natural light.  This basic concept was then amalgamated with the rest of the project, for which we had decided on a modern feel.

How important was the choice of the surfaces in the project?

To create the sensation of finding oneself surrounded by nature, we chose to use a paper that would incorporate the buffet corner with the rest of the room, through a shared interacting element, the ceiling.  We selected Exotic due to the simplicity of its colour palette, spanning various shades of green and grey, which is a perfect match for the rest of the design: the same elegance of the Glamora wallcovering is also found in the furniture, materials and lighting of the spaces.

How did you discover Glamora? What struck you the most about the company?

Glamora was selected from various companies for its patterns, held in high regard in the world of design, its use of colour and above all, the quality of its materials. The paper was to be installed in a 4-star hotel, in a space used frequently by customers, where cleanliness is essential. The durability of the materials was therefore a determining factor in the decision, and Glamora has a wealth of experience in hospitality structures.

The wallpaper was installed both on the walls of the room, which are both concave and convex, and also on the ceiling. What kind of requirements did this particular use create?

The installation of a wallpaper so brightly coloured and full of patterns on both the walls and the ceiling was a risk due to the large surface area it would cover. Our greatest worry was that we might cause a visual overload within the room. In the end, the result we obtained was a success. We managed to create an enveloping atmosphere, without it feeling intrusive.

Which Glamora products were chosen? Why?

We chose Exotic, both for its pattern and its colours. The design was visually effective and blended in seamlessly with the rest of the project, giving the setting a cool atmosphere.

How does the graphic of the wallcovering dialogue with the rest of the environment?

The graphic interacts perfectly with the brown and grey elements and the oak floor. The end result is flawless: the optical illusion of no longer finding oneself in a closed environment, but instead surrounded by the beauties of nature. In fact, the feedback received from the owners and their customers has been very positive.

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