Shaping Surfaces by Cleaf: Bochotis Pastry Shop

Designer G2 Lab
Surfaces Cleaf
Project Bochotis Pastry Shop
Year 2020
Location Ioannina, Greece
Typology Bar/Restaurant
Materials Faced panels
Collection Talco FB38 Stone - Talco FC18 Montilla
Photo Cleaf

Bochotis Pastry Shop in Ioannina (Greece) by G2 Lab is the June Monthly Winner of the Shaping Surfaces competition by Cleaf.

The main designing aim was to create a modern place that embraces all five senses and brings customers to a tasteful experience through a sweet-inspired and sophisticated space.

The design proposal is based on boosting the main interior side of the shop that is characterised with consecutive arches. To reinforce the central frontal perspective, that at the same time highlights the products placed along, there are two side accesses at the serving area.

The project was designed meticulously in all its aspects, combining harmoniously materials and lighting in order to reveal a creative game.

For the three counters was chosen the softness and silky effect of the Talco FB38 Stone that reproduces Carrara marble and Talco FC18 Montilla that reproduces the Marquina marble.


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