Xiamen Stone Fair 2022

City Xiamen, China
Venue Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center (XICEC)
Product sectors Natural Stone, Stone Machinery & Tools - Stone Conservation Products - Artificial Stone & Allied Service

Xiamen Stone Fair 2022. Connecting in A Broad Circle

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"Dear Exhibitors, Visitors and Partners,

In light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, Xiamen Stone Fair Organizing Committee has decided to postpone the 22nd China Xiamen International Stone Fair from March 16-19, 2022 to May 5-8, 2022 to abide by the government strict regulations and requirements on large-scale activities.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. No matter what challenges we face, the health and safety of our exhibitors, visitors and partners is always the top priority. With all efforts, we will set up an efficient communication platform, properly arrange all work and create a reassuring, comfortable and rewarding gathering for the stone community.

Though being postponed, Xiamen Stone Fair will continue to carry out online and offline activities in order to bring more business opportunities to the trade fair in May. Stay tuned to the industry highlights on our year-round operated Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair. The new initiative, "Hosted Buyer Program" which aims to facilitate direct orders and increase brand awareness is in progress. New media offerings have integrated to expand the promotion channels. And strategic partners have joined to present a more vibrant event for the industry.

Thank you for your understanding and support all along. Xiamen Stone Fair is always standing with the stone community, facing challenges and overcoming difficulties. We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. "


In spite of the challenging circumstances, it is encouraging to find that the stone industry never stopped developing, reformation and innovation. Xiamen Stone Fair, as a leading platform for displaying, networking, educating and exchanging information, is honored to record and involve in every step the entire industry has taken.

In recent years, it is common to hear sayings like “it turns out that stone fair can be such different” at Xiamen Stone Fair from media professionals, young architects, real estate developers, etc. In 2022, Xiamen Stone Fair will continue to play as a role to observe, think, explore and engage in the development of stone industry, and connect the stone community in a broad circle. 

Broad - Traditional vs. Pioneer 

Natural stone is one of the oldest construction materials, and therefore it has been regarded as “traditional” for decades. However, changes have taken place when young generations joining. A fresh industry image is being built. At Xiamen Stone Fair 2022, apart from merely displaying raw blocks, slabs, slates and machinery products, you will find more pioneers presenting new elements: green, clean and sustainable industrial system; intelligent manufacturing and technological innovation; value-added design products as well as customized complete program services. Certainly, there will be more to be revealed.


Circle - Competition vs. Co-prosperity

A well-developed industry circle is believed to be diversified, dynamic and co-prosperity. It is vital to make progress together while in a fair competition, so as to facilitate a vigorous development. In the post-pandemic era, stone companies have made more efforts in branding to enhance their strong competitiveness. New quarry, stone products and machinery are released each year at Xiamen Stone Fair to unveil upcoming trends. In the meantime, trade buyers as well as institutions and platforms in other fields have taken actions to find the possibility to link with the stone industry, other than just being visitors attending the fair. At 2022 edition, highlights including new business model created by industrial park, production base and Internet platform, stone application in architecture, design and home decor, and a wide range of media coverage are worth expecting. 


Connecting - Online vs. Onsite

Multi-way of participation will bring more benefits at future Xiamen Stone Fair. No matter exhibitors or visitors, you are all welcomed to become suppliers, audiences and speakers in the featured events including Global Master Architect Forum, Stone Infinite Product Design Show, Xiamen Habitat Interior Design Festival, World Stone Congress and Launch Out @XSF. 

XSF Live Streaming will work for our friends who cannot visit the fair in person, offering you immersive experiences during the fair period. Throughout the whole year, Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair will keep launching more online activities including but not limited to online product promotion, matchmaking meeting, online purchase, etc., hoping to generate business opportunities for domestic and foreign exhibitors and buyers by bridging the time and space gap.

In the 22nd year, it is essential for Xiamen Stone Fair to adapt to the new pattern, integrate resources and upgrade platform. We will listen to your thoughts and needs, constantly optimize the services and make contributions to the industry development. Your participation is one of the necessary factors for the continuous prosperity of the new ecology of the industry. 

Let’s have a reunion in early spring. See you at Xiamen Stone Fair 2022 on May 5 - 8 2022 both online and onsite. Try the UPGRADED Pre-registration System with Qr Code:





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05 May - 08 May 2022