CamuStyle TX wins the German Design Award 2019.

The extraordinary characteristics of CamuStyle TX, a material made by SWISS KRONO AG, convinced the judges of the German Design Award 2019 to make it the winner in the “Excellent Product Design – Materials and Surfaces” category. CamuStyle TX has a special appearance that gives furniture and rooms an unmistakable aura and elegant charisma.


A material with an exceptional “used” look, it is to be utilized for frontal surfaces and exposed parts as well as to transform shops, tradeshow areas and interiors.

The rough yet lovely material from SWISS KRONO AG creates possibilities never before seen in finishes for furniture and rooms

With its surprisingly authentic look, CamuStyle TX creates an atmosphere both warm and rustic.

In addition to its extraordinary design, different micro-structures guarantee a final touch of perfection and authenticity, making the product unique on a market appealing not only to the tactile sense.


CamuStyle TX: the trendy structure with unlimited design possibilities

Inspired by true limestone and textile surfaces, SWISS KRONO AG has developed a material which lends a unique „used look“ to living landscapes with a light touch. The new "CamuStyle TX" surface offers convincing results across the board, both in terms of look and feel. The pronounced structure creates a pleasant atmosphere at the same time and opens up completely new and as yet unexplored design possibilities in furniture manufacture and interior construction.

This is because the deceptively genuine look of "CamuStyle TX" creates a rustic and warm atmosphere at the same time. In addition to the unusual design, various detailed structures ensure a perfect and authentic finish. A unique product on the market which appeals to more than just the sense of touch!

The "CamuStyle TX" structure comprises two product lines, "Fantasy" and "Metallized" with a total of 12 unique surface structures. The “CamuStyle TX” decors are predestined with their unique "used look" for use in fronts (bathroom, kitchen), in furniture and interior design as well as for holistic wall concepts.

SWISS KRONO AG is a company of the Swiss Krono Group. It is organised as holding, is familyowned and is one of the most important market players in the production and finishing of wood-based materials. Like the other Swiss Krono Group plants, SWISS KRONO AG is managed as an independent profit centre. Today's production facility was founded in 1966, is located in Menznau, in the idyllic, rural region outside Lucerne, produces woodbased materials with world famous Swiss quality and markets them worldwide. SWISS KRONO AG employs around 480 professionals who share the company's goal: the production of high-quality wood-based materials for house building, renovation and interior design with a constant focus on environmental protection. SWISS KRONO AG products are sold in around 90 countries.


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