OMEXCO. The art of refined and eco-conscious wallcovering.

OMEXCO. The art of refined and eco-conscious wallcovering.

OMEXCO. The art of refined and eco-conscious wallcovering.


Omexco is a Belgian family owned manufacturer of fine wallcoverings founded in 1976. Its products are designed at the brand’s atelier close to Brussels and represented in more than 80 countries worldwide. Their wallcoverings are mostly produced locally or in collaboration with specialised craftsmen around the world with eco-friendly materials and methods. Omexco launches 4 to 5 new collections per year which are all developed in-house with its own designers or in collaboration with famous designers or artists. Printed, woven or natural, each one of the creations is handmade, custom cut and aims to bring a sense of poetry to spaces. Printed, natural or textile, all of the wallcoverings are sold by the metre and consist of a non-woven, highly durable and breathing backing specially developed for Omexco.


Ecological aspiration

As a manufacturer,  Omexco takes a responsible approach on the topic of sustainability. The productions process limits the impact on the environment on different levels. From the use of recycled fibres to the favour for renewable energy as much as possible. The company always opt for products with a non-harmful base and renewable materials such as cork or recycled sari silk. Omexco has a long history of being eco-conscious and it push their creativity whilst trying to reduce waste, e.g. by custom cutting every order. Almost all of the products are eco-certified and PVC free. All these efforts allowed Omexco to obtain the Ecological Label as well as the certificate for sustainable forestry.

As an established designer and producer of luxury wallcoverings, Omexo control the whole process from the original idea all the way to the production process and the shipping of the final product. This allows us to always offer a flawless high-end product. A team of in-house designers is in continuous dialogue with a highly qualified production team to create new designs, with subtle colours and unique textures. A lot of research and development goes into the creation of those new designs in order to offer an ever more qualitative product. Over the years, Omexco acquired a broad expertise in printing on non-woven and textile wallcovering.


Moonstone collection

“Luxurious. Mysterious. Dazzling.”

Moonstone is a timeless collection of beautiful and oh-so-touchable wallcoverings crafted from natural mica. A lavish collection of textured wallcoverings softly irides- cent like the moonstone. A semi-precious stone with alluring lustre, evocative of shimmering moonlight gliding across calm water. The luxurious 3D textures subtly reflect light to dazzling effect. Brought to you in a range of stone sizes, from super- fine to tantalizingly textured, elegantly embellished by abstract art. Handcrafted into a magnificent mosaïc and softly sprinkled in striking geometric designs.


Atelier collection

“Ecletic. Creative. Contemporary."

Authentic craftsmanship embodies this bold collection designed by the creative minds of Omexco. A tactile tribute to the importance of handmade craft in interior design, reflecting our fervent desire for a creative renaissance in this increasingly digital world. A fascinating creative journey that reinterprets the legacy of handcraft passed between generations of artisans: hand-spun fantasy yarns intertwined into chunky weaves, recycled sari silk fabrics twisted into ribbons and woven with abaca stem, handmade paper sculpted into mural artwork, appliquéd botanical fibres, striking patchworks of woven natural raffia. All together they burst into this eclectic collection of couture and contemporary wallcoverings. Destined for luxury interiors, turning every wall into a wondrous work of art, the atelier collection provides our homes with the perfect wallcovering for giving voice to our creativity.

Joy collection

“Colourfully. Eco-logical. Inspirational."

This collection conjures a lightness of being and a flash of zest. It's an explosion of colour, a journey to exuberance, made of a bold graphics. Printed on 100% recycled fibres, the joy collection goes even further in Omexco ecological aspirations, reflecting the long tradition of sustainable sourcing of materials. The collection is steeped in environmental consciousness. The stand-out designs and playful colours bring you a feeling of happiness. It unleash your creative energy.  Designed to inspire and to delight. Feel the joy. Your interior will smile.  


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