The exclusive skin surfaces for interior furniture

The exclusive skin surfaces for interior furniture - FRASSINO VALENTINO


It changes aspect at any time of the day, fitting well into any space and dwelling in any period of time. It is not a mythological creature, it is Frassino Valentino, a decorative element whose iridescent reflections and linear surface are key to its versatility. Nature enters your home thanks to the refined finishes of wood: various customized colours and a luxurious collection that expresses the taste of Made in Italy and acts as an icon of the Minerva finish in a contemporary key. The interplay of lights and contemporary palettes in shades of taupe and grey create natural and sophisticated elegant atmospheres and together with the spacious furniture satisfies the need for comfort and beauty. Beauty satisfies the senses, uplifting the soul and becomes a source of inspiration and contemplation. 

Quality is the common denominator of furnishing surfaces: although different in texture and colour, all surfaces are created with the utmost care and attention to detail for a precious result. Furniture is the soul of a home and expresses the personality of those who live in it through surfaces and shapes, creating spaces with character. A respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, also the bathroom becomes a heaven of wellbeing, where you can pamper yourself and where functions and aesthetics have to combine to give you a true boost of energy. Emotions on surface for a design that engages your senses in a new way of experiencing the spaces of your home, in which modern, functional finishes accompany our everyday lives whilst satisfying our senses of sight and touch as only Italian style knows how: urban moods, varied textures and different materials and colours alternate tone on tone to obtain a geometrical balance and a seductive range of sensory sensations. For us it is an endless source of inspiration for quality finishes: the pursuit of perfection, continuous study, anticipating the trends and cutting-edge production techniques are key to our idea of innovation.