NOVACOLOR - Be Grateful Wallpaper

Novacolor launches Be Grateful WallPaper, its first collection of wallpapers.



Coming in September 2021 “Be Grateful WallPaper”, a collection inspired by the morphology of our planet seen from above, signed by the architect Barbara Sansonetti.


Novacolor launches “WallPaper”, its first collection of wallpapers, signed by the Architect and Interior Designer Barbara Sansonetti, and inspired by the morphology of our planet seen from above. The Be Grateful WallPaper 2021 collection is a journey to discover different landscapes and cultures.

The project stems from the new Novacolor 2021 "Be Grateful" concept and the company's green approach.

The 2021 concept of the Italian brand is to promote, through color, a widespread sense of gratitude that can reconnect us to mother earth and make us aware and responsible for our choices, and how these can substantially affect the future of the world. The idea of ​​studying how, in order to evolve and survive, mankind has modified mother earth, was born precisely from man's relationship with the planet. Looking at the Earth from above, one realizes how many extraordinary natural landscapes exist and how many artificial landscapes have been created by men, in some cases by modifying, in others by further enhancing the peculiarities of  the territory.

"The design idea was born precisely from the vision of satellite photos of our planet and the beauty of some places which, from above, naturally form geometric shapes. Observing the earth, the possibilities of extrapolating geometries to create patterns are endless. Cities, desert landscapes, endless expanses of water and irrigated fields around the world become geometric patterns that tell us how man has interacted with nature to build a more comfortable and productive habitat. Inspired by these geometries, I have therefore developed seven original and easily repeatable patterns even on important sizes ". - Arch. Barbara Sansonetti, interior designer with an innovative approach to color and shapes, and Novacolor Ambassador since 2018.

Seven geographical areas around the world have inspired the satellite geometries that decorate the seven lines of the collection and that Novacolor offers by combining them with its decorative products and flat paints:


A Kenyan city hosting the wonders of Chalbi, a small desert between oases and dunes located in the northern part of the state. The "Karaba" pattern rediscovers the desert areas of Kenya with three warm colors and metallic details.


This line draws inspiration from the city of Delhi and the geometric design created by the intersections of streets and houses in the neighborhoods of Santosh Park and Uttam Nagar. The tones chosen for the "Delhi" pattern are dominated by strong contrasts between color and gold. 


The sinuous pattern of "Huelva" rediscovers the Spanish vineyards in the city of the same name. Full and saturated colors, enriched with gold outlines. The vineyards of the Andalusian city are characterized by their sinuous and frequently interrupted curves, and Huelva, like these vineyards, is an eclectic city, not yet distorted by mass tourism.


Land of the great plains rich in wheat fields that stretch as far as the eye can see with waves of wheat that look like hills. The color collection of the "Kansas" pattern rewards the contrasts between light and dark colors. 


Three color variants ranging from neutral tones enriched with metallic details, to the multi-color version in digital printing. We are in the middle of one of the driest deserts on the planet, in Saudi Arabia. The different colors are given by the state of activity of the field: the greener circles are active fields, the others are sowing or temporarily abandoned. And it is a bit like looking at the palm-shaped island of Dubai from above.


A texture inspired by the Eixample district of Barcelona. Three color variants ranging from neutral tones enriched with metallic details, to the multi-color version in digital printing. Network of square blocks, cut diagonally by large avenues and an eccentric, crazy building that is the symbol of the city you are about to visit: the Sagrada Familia church.


For this line, dedicated to oriental countries such as the coast of southern China and the fishing nets used by fishermen in Quanzhou, Indochina, warm and bright colors were chosen, enriched by metallic details that recall the lights of dawn and of the sunset in these fascinating and mysterious lands.

Be Grateful is the 2021 concept campaign. After the Joy Revolution that brought the beauty of Nature into the home through colors and decorative finishes that celebrated the joy of living, Novacolor proposes a new path dedicated to gratitude. It is time to give thanks for what still awaits us, based on what we are building in the present; this is why the Novacolor color consultants have created a line of products that enhance the light. The design becomes even more refined with natural colors and materials that are able to immediately create comfort and well-being.

Novacolor has chosen for years to invest significantly in sustainable raw materials, representing an Italian excellence that works with passion and competence for a sustainable future. His color designers have always been committed to the search for new decorative effects and high-performance and innovative products, formulated with respect for the environment and the person. The green approach therefore remains one of the values ​​in which Novacolor firmly believes and in which it continues to invest. Starting from this certainty, this year the brand wants to focus on the extraordinary human ability to convey nature in a form of human and social progress. This also happens with the Wallpaper collection produced with water-based and non-toxic inks, ecologically safe and free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The designs are printed on responsibly sourced, recyclable non-woven bases. The non-woven bases include a large percentage of wood pulp, therefore a natural fiber, coming from FSC certified forests - Forest Stewardship Council - which guarantees responsible forest management and the utmost care for the environment, people and wildlife. Recycled bottles are the source of most of the polyester in non-woven bases, which are in high percentage biodegradable. The Novacolor wallpaper collection is packaged with cardboard and fully recyclable shrink film.