Opera, the new wood collection by Cerdomus.

Opera, inspired by the world of wood and Italian theater, is the new Cerdomus collection. It represents the places with an over-time soul that still today have a mark, a breath, an experience full of emotions.

We have dedicated time to research, to make porcelain stoneware the maximum expression of places and time. We visited opera houses, smelled the scent of places full of history and charm that represented the icon of the Italian spirit. The light and the extraordinary gestures that take place in a given space and change the scenery, making it harmonious and vibrant. We wanted to fix it all in this collection: Opera.

Infinite possibilities of declination of the environments, with details perfectly in tune with the present and the future, exteriors and interiors, infinitesimal or majestic spaces, reaching as far as the eye can see.

Balance of nuances and veins in a mix of different essences that match any environment, the classic ones and the contemporary ones.

The collection features five colors, including four warm tones inspired by the natural essences of wood and a cold tone, which reinterprets pickled woods. In addition to the classic 20x120 size, the Chevron 10x60, Esagona 19.8x22.8 size and a large set of mosaics and decorations are added, giving the Opera collection a fascinating versatility. In line with the most current interior decoration trends, the series is completed by the Damasco decor in the 60x120 size.

Two surfaces, ideal for every needed design: Matt to enhance the natural component, the authentic coloring and the three-dimensional graphic depth; Safe Technology, a new innovative technology to obtain a soft touch surface with a high dynamic friction coefficient (R11, A + B + C), which allows the continuity of indoor and outdoor environments.


Via Emilia Ponente, 1000

48014 Castel Bolognese RA, Italy

T. +39 0546 652111



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