3D SURFACE Surface presents its new texture MANAUS inspired by nature.

MANAUS is inspired by the lush landscape of the South American rainforest.

A magic trip into the wild, discovering nature and exotic animals, hidden in the forest. 

Manaus, a highly decorated texture is suitable for every environment and use thanks to four different pattern decorations. 

The new surface expresses 3d surface’s excellent craftsmanship and know-how in proposing textures that come alive thanks to its aesthetic and visual effect.

3D SURFACE S.r.l. [Ltd] is an innovation which arose from a meeting between three experienced artisan/craftsmen, Romano Zenoni and Alessandro and Stefano Fazzuoli, who, jointly, have more than fifty years experience in interior design. The synergy and interaction between them allowed the 3 entrepreneurs  to create new products with innovative forms and materials, creating a collection of highly sought after, decorative, organically designed panels.

This result was obtained after an attentive research and a careful study of market trends, combined with the aesthetic sensibility of designer professionals. The combination of texture, shapes and materials specially developed by 3D SURFACE S.r.l. [Ltd], are inspired by the most original contemporary art trends. The tridimensional surfaces created thanks to this successful blend of elements, are ideal for any environment or situation and emphasize the harmony between shapes and the surrounding architecture.

The constant desire to research new ideas and personalize wall surfaces makes 3D SURFACE S.r.l. [Ltd] a unique entity in this sector. In addition, following the wishes and directions of its customers, the company is able to create new personalized and customized designs with the help of tridimensional renderings and drawings thus reflecting requests of the market. A true "tailoring" of all spaces enables a team of technical professionals to create and shape the ideas of the most demanding customers.


3D SURFACE products are designed to realize decorative coatings that can create infinite surfaces, without interruption or joints.  3D SURFACE launched the first collection designed under the artistic direction of Romano Zenoni, composed of 23 textures designed by Jacopo Cecchi, characterized by elements that once applied interact with each other reproducing unique effects. Thanks to the design and the use of specially developed materials, such as ceramic coated fiber-reinforced mortar solutions for interior and exterior (TRG, TRB), the surfaces can be used in any environment.

The collection, industrially produced, is varied with 23 different types of decorations. It is possible to choose products that reproduce authentically reality, such as Bamboo, Tenda, Desert, Capitonnè or abstract surfaces, contemporary result of imagination and contemporary artistic trends like Caos and Millerighe.

3D SURFACE can develop surfaces upon request allowing all spaces to become unique and personalized.

Villa in Helsinki:  on the wall of the living MANAUS, the new texture of 3D SURFACE inspired by the lush landscape of the South American rainforest.



3D SURFACE sculpture walls  represent a major innovation in wall coverings, launching an important trend in the world of contract and design. The versatility of use for any space, thanks to the development of two special ceramic materials designed for interior and for outdoor spaces,  allows the designer to create every kind of solution. For installation, the product is simply pasted on the wall and once the joints are plastered surfaces become fluid and continuous. 3D walls are enhanced with light, creating light and shadow effects… and the covered surface comes alive.

3D SURFACE, as well as proposing a collection of 23 different covering desings, is able to develop  textures on demand, so as to enable every designer to carve their own ideas on walls. 

3D SURFACE s.r.l. 

via Claudio Monteverdi 23 

50041 Calenzano - Firenze (Italy)


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