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For over 70 years, Puricelli Group has been a reference brand on international markets in the field of decorative surfaces and coatings for indoor and outdoor.

Now in its third generation, the company still identifies with the founder's reference values, giving continuity to the vision of Cav. Luigi Puricelli, an entrepreneur sensitive to the issues of innovation always being attentive to environmental needs.

Fifteen years ago, this approach led the company to carry out important targeted actions in the laminate cycle by renewing the plants of its production sites, in a logic of sustainability that allowed to eliminate from the product substances harmful to the environment and the humans, thus protecting the safety of both workers and end users.  


The company’s claim 'Puricelli. Natural core with design' mirrors a policy that places respect for the person and the environment in the foreground.

Puricelli Group’s production process is based on green principles and values ​​such as the choice of suppliers who share the same commitment to the environment. The company is certified for the FSC® chain of custody (FSC-C115064) and uses cellulose-based raw materials from controlled and responsibly managed forests.

Since 2007 Puricelli no longer uses phenol in the production process, having opted for ecological thermosetting resins. Puricelli laminates do not contain SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) with reference to the REACH regulation nor hazardous substances in concentrations greater than 0.1% w / w. The products do not contain chlorine, halogen compounds, phthalates and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; they have no traces of heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, lead or chromium and are classified A + in the emission of VOCs.


Over the last year, new ways to communicate have been found to stay in touch with the market in different and still effective ways.

"Luckily - says Luigi Mario Puricelli, company’s CEO - we had already undergone a process of differentiation, starting to orient the presentation of products according to their design and technical contents, even beyond specific sectors such as the naval, medical or hotel ones. In other words, we began to think about the world of home furniture, where people in their everyday life come into contact with a product that they do not know at all.

Also for this reason, we decided to promote a more targeted information addressing the end user. Among latest fresh and innovative proposals there is a mode to present requirements in terms of design, besides the advantage to count on collections of unique products from the point of view of sustainability."

The company has developed a scheme where each product has a technical data sheet with attached certification and the presentation is based on a design idea oriented to the type of use (for outdoor, flooring, furniture products) with dedicated collections focusing on the choice of materials of different origin - wood, metal, marble - which represent a source of inspiration and a new component to be introduced in the production process as well.

The market proposal has been diversified with high added value products using both veneers of precious wood essences or dyed veneers, or reproductions on paper inspired by nature to remake a design concept oriented to different use requirements.


“These are the challenges of the next years - concludes Luigi Mario Puricelli - starting from the assumption that raw materials are scarce. We are able to refine these products, which are the future, in response to pressure from emerging economies and environmental factors. With 20 pressing lines, Puricelli Group is one of the largest companies in terms of production capacity and we have to deal with the availability of material resources, while at the same time strengthening the recycling processes.

Solidity and reliability become increasingly important values ​​in the path of brand awareness on the markets, while the importance of sustainability is reaffirmed from the point of view of interaction with the environment and with the person acting as partner, user and end customer, always keeping in mind that our products are in close contact with the most frequent operations in our daily life, from the kitchen to the bathroom, from offices to common areas.

Looking ahead, our company believes in young people and considers experienced people as a resource in the evolution phase leading the company from the past to the future on a safe route."

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