EMPORIO SKIN by Kronospan Italia

Italian company born of a great history.


EMPORIO SKIN by Kronospan Italia

Italian company born of a great history


Kronospan Italia was founded in 2008 in San Vito al Tagliamento, in North Eastern Italy, close to Venice and to the heart of incoming trends and fashion. The plant has a strategic position in terms of railway, roads and airport connections plus the indisputable advantage of the proximity to a very important industrial furniture district.

The two buildings of Kronospan Italia site combine an contemporary architectural style together with the latest hi-tech equipment for production and control systems as well as management.

Here some detailed information on our Ponterosso site:

 - 1.500 square meters of office space and showroom;

 - 14.000 square meters of production area. The entire industrial process is fully automated. The panels are picked up and managed by high-tech processes during the different phases of the production cycle. Each step is constantly monitored at the terminal and each finished product is subjected to direct checks by operators specialized in dedicated areas. Also for the safety of the production department, which covers 6,500 square meters, the latest technologies and systems were chosen. Technologies and installation are of the latest generation to grant the highest quality and safety standards. Furthermore, SKIN laboratory technicians daily analyse quality materials through strength and durability tests, colour selection and performance verification to guarantee absolute reliability;

 - 24.000 square meters devoted to a modern logistics management. All received, processed and delivered goods are completely traceable and electronically catalogued. Together with the road transportation, Kronospan Italia makes use of 1.800 meters of railway tracks which ensure an environmentally friendly supply of raw material.


Emporio Skin

In 2010 Kronospan Italia launched Emporio Skin, which is the result of the passionate work of the most important Italian designers.

Emporio Skin is the exclusive brand of Kronospan Italia, intended to become the partner of design customers looking for something unique, combining the values of Kronospan and Made in italy.

The Emporio Skin 2020 - 2022 collection is made up of 54 innovative and highly prized decors with natural finishes that evoke tactile and realistic sensations.

Woods, metals, textiles, stones, concrete, metallic woods, metallic textiles and marbles are traced with extraordinary precision and good taste by the 7 Emporio Skin textures.


KRONOSPAN Italia S.r.l.
Via Bordano 10
33078 San Vito al Tagliamento (PN)