NOVACOLOR - The new website

Novacolor chooses the human-to-human approach.

For the new website, Innovation with a capital "I" and accessibility play the leading roles in an increasingly user-friendly and customized navigation experience.


Novacolor, a San Marco Group brand, is now in a new phase of its online communication proposal, with the launch of our new official website - a virtual place for all the proposals of design and colour, with a highly innovative approach we love to call human to human with its emotional visual appeal. The H2H (Human to Human) approach stems from a movement created by PureMatter CEO and social media strategy expert Bryan Kramer, and is part of relationship marketing that leverages empathy, conversation and trust. Brands that communicate H2H recognize the centrality of people within the business, they strike up a dialogue with them, and design the most effective actions, channels and tone of voice to communicate by leveraging the cognitive mechanisms that guide their decisions. Our customers are central, and when navigating the site, we want to give them an experience that makes them realise how the Novacolor products can help them in their work.

By industry standards, it's a bold and ambitious project. The website has been created to give users the best experience with whatever their device, with a constant view to customizing content to give a user-friendly experience.

Starting from the home page and throughout the site, you will enter a world of emotions and colours, but also one of design and architecture. The customization of your experience is an important aspect we have decided to focus on: the site is in 7 languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Romanian) with a multi-site structure that allows for total customization of the content of all 7 sites, based on market trends in the countries of the various languages. But building a Human-to-Human experience and customizing the contents on the basis of the market trends are just the first pieces of a bigger picture which, in the near future, will see the inclusion of an artificial intelligence system that will create a more immersive relationship with our visitors. We will strive to get to know our users' interests and to respond to them with content that most closely matches their desires and tastes.

Our team, in cooperation with H-Farm, the technical partner of San Marco Group SpA, has created an interface that speaks the language of the world of architecture and interior design, by combining an easy access to all the information about the products, so as to improve the navigation by the retail customers. The main innovative features include: 


The platform provides users the chance, in real time, to appreciate the application of the effects, colour variants and patterns on paper on different surfaces and environments, to immediately help them see the final result and make valid choices accordingly. 

Information Depth 

The centralization of information and product assets in a single system allows quick access to lots of content, which translates into better-structured, more in-depth product pages that can really meet the needs of different target users. 

The Ability to Inspire

Novacolor has always worked for designers and with designers. In the new site, the colour trends take up a much greater space: the ability to inspire based on research and sharing of specific trends and product types is brought to the front. This positions Novacolor as a true partner to keep watching, a parter that succeeds in supporting customers in their research, and direct their choices. 


The creation of a section fully about sustainability sums up the transparency and values that Novacolor shares with its partners. 

Intuitive and Enriched Navigation 

Catalogue navigation and access to information have been fully redesigned to simplify searches and navigation. There are alternative routes through a multi-level navigation (on the product page, by sections, from the menu, on the Homepage and more). 

The site has been designed with a mobile first approach, i.e. one based on a web design that starts from display on mobile devices, to then build the relative proposal on desktop computers. This choice stems from the statistical analysis whereby, on average, 70% of users who use web platforms access them from a mobile device. So providing a user-friendly experience is of paramount importance.

Another important innovation is that we have built the site following the logic of Responsive Web Design: the user interface adapts to all devices on the market, with a layout that responds to the device, changing to your screen, so you get the best user-experience. Irrespective of the time, the page and any action you are performing there, this structure gives users a single image, a single block of text, a single video, and that’s all. In these time of short attention spans, providing a single response and a single visual stimulus to users will win their attention, and deliver messages that are received and absorbed in their entirety. 

The goal is to provide a tool which is useful for the work of professionals and retailers alike, a tool which exploits the newest technologies and which gives a platform that is sensitive and adaptable over time to the market's evolutions.