NOVACOLOR - Be Grateful

It's time for Be Grateful: rebirth through the colors of gratitude.

It's time for Be Grateful


Rebirth through the colors of gratitude: the change for a shared transformation, thanks to which to start again


One year after the beginning of a pandemic that has totally upset the common social dogmas and put a strain on the equilibrium of normality, a new connection between human beings is what we need. A deep sense of gratitude towards the world is the only driving force that will allow us to restart with awareness and a sense of belonging and sharing.

Gratitude is revealed in the acceptance of a nature that is not only to be respected and protected, but also to be transformed into an ally for a relationship of osmosis where there is no prevarication, but collaboration aimed at mutual exaltation.

Be Grateful is the 2021 concept. After the Joy Revolution that brought the beauty of Nature into the home with colors and decorative finishes that celebrated the joy of living, Novacolor proposes a new path dedicated to gratitude. It is time to give thanks for what still awaits us, based on what we are building in the present; this is why the Novacolor color consultants have created a line of products that enhance the light. The design becomes even more refined with natural colors and materials that are able to immediately create comfort and well-being.

Novacolor, a brand of the San Marco Group, has for years chosen to invest significantly in sustainable raw materials, representing an Italian excellence that works with passion and competence for a sustainable future. Its color designers have always been committed to the search for new decorative effects and high-performance and innovative products, formulated with respect for the environment and the person. The green approach therefore remains one of the values in which Novacolor firmly believes and in which it continues to invest. Starting from this certainty, this year the brand wants to focus on the extraordinary human ability to convey nature in a form of both human and social progress.

The Be Grateful by Novacolor tells, through the shots taken by Gianluca Cisternino with the styling of the architect Barbara Sansonetti, the serenity of awareness, personifying it with an ethereal but dominant light, capable of enhancing living and socializing spaces. At a time when distance has been imposed on us, the connection between men is supported by a communion founded by the acceptance of the present with the determination to walk towards the future, because the future is now, the future is us. And this is how hope, union, determination, courage become chromatic shades of the same color: that of gratitude.

This feeling is also expressed through the faces of three young architecture and interior design students who fully symbolize the values of awareness and hope for which we are grateful and through which to look forward. Emanuele, Francesco and Valeria dream of a future in which architecture and design know how to pursue innovation without ever forgetting the value of tradition, hoping that one day their projects can become something real, useful for society and for the future. Dreaming and striving to pursue your dreams is something to be grateful for every day.

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We are the Future, Be Grateful!