EXTERNO, the new collection of wooden flooring for outdoor areas.

EXTERNO, the new collection of wooden flooring for outdoor areas.

Our love for wooden flooring has pointed us towards the most innovative solution for enjoying the warmth and sophistication of wood even in open air areas.

EXTERNO is our high-tech decking system, combining exceptional technical performance with the natural look of wood. This composite flooring can be used to decorate outdoor areas with an eco-material that is both aesthetically attractive and extremely durable.

EXTERNO, with its elegant and natural look, matches the performance of materials that are most impervious to time, weather and heavy use. The boards in the EXTERNO range are UV proof and undamaged by high or low temperatures, they do not age or rot, and are resistant to marine micro-organisms, fungi and insects. These high performing non-slip and chip-resistant boards are ideal for any kind of outdoor area, whether by a swimming-pool, in the garden or on a terrace.

If you need that extra protection, or in locations where floors are subject to extreme physical or weather stresses, EXTERNO can be combined with innovative EXTRASHIELD protection. This covering coextruded with the boards in a polymer containing UV and antioxidant stabilizers envelopes them completely on all four sides and therefore increases their resistance to any type of stain or spotting, moulds and UV radiation.