HydraulicART, the collection dedicated to the hydraulic cementine

HydraulicART by Valmori Ceramica Design is the colletion dedicated to the hydraulic cementine, available in 8 different colours, divided into 4 colour concepts:

  • B&WAbsolute White + Absolute Black;
  • TROPICANACosta Smeralda + Positano;
  • ARTIC-SUN: Greige + Ash;
  • DESERTMilk + Mud.

For each of the four concepts mentioned above, we have combined 25 decorations (MIX-25) of type:


So, a total of 50 decorations x 4 color concepts; or 200 decorations.

This is a porcelain stoneware 20×20 cm, thick (like the real "concrete tiles") of 14mm thickness and a soft finish, as well as the original cement.

We wanted to create a product that in all respects, aesthetically, was the same as the original cement and, being made of porcelain stoneware, at a technical level much more performing.

The brand "Valmori Ceramica Design" is a reality that was born thanks to years of experience in the field of the founders who have become fine connoisseurs of materials, techniques, shapes, methods of construction and all that knowledge strictly necessary for the creation of ceramic tiles, in which the ceramic is not lived in its normal meaning and confined to itself, but rather, through its beauty has the presumption to impose itself right at the center of the scene.


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