Glamora presents the new Collection XI - Creative Wallcoverings 

Glamora presents the new Collection XI

Creative Wallcoverings, Wallpaper for Interior Design


Collection XI incorporates and reinterprets with a personal touch echoes of the contem-porary art and fashion world, ethnic accents and fairytale hints of green. 

Tricks of reflections and vibrations, transparent effects, and neon shades recall the fluid creations of Janet Echelman, the American artist who works with light, wind, and water. Other colours and decorative innovations revoke the world of English fashion designer Michael Fish who, in the late Sixties, reshaped traditional palettes and patterns, influen-ced by the revolutionary sounds of the music scene of that period. Its colours dress per-sonalities such as Mick Jagger and David Bowie and are transferred in a unique version onto Glamora-designed walls.

The desire to get away and get back to nature is fulfilled by floral and foliage themed designs which bring secret leafy spaces indoors. Immersive settings create winter gar-dens and elegant verandas, ideally designed by a contemporary landscape stylist. An extraordinary intersection of cultures, giving rise to new styles, can be traced through the patterns and weavings that seem to emerge from the textures, ranging from Africa to the Far East.

These are the inspirations, revisited and expanded, behind Collection XI. And the journey continues.