Relationship between materials.

The relationship between materials is the alphabet through which designers create their own projects. Over time, Mosaico+ has built a wide range of products that allows each designer to create interesting relationships in a simple and intuitive way.

Colour families

The entire Mosaico+ range is divided into 10 colour families into which every product flows. Therefore it’s extremely easy to identify a colour theme for each collection and understand what kind of material is available for each family.

Collections made of different materials

Within the Mosaico + products we can find collections made of different materials (glass, in different finishes, porcelain stoneware, metal, etc ...) that communicate with complementary elements, such as grouts and wall paintings coming from the Mapei array, which group Mosaico+ is part of. Consequently the relationship consists not only in between materials of different collections, but also between mosaics, grouts and wall paintings.

What’s good design?

"Good design takes care of details with passion and attention, and gives life to personal interpretations" - says Massimo Nadalini, Art Director of Mosaico+ - "This is what we do: we choose to collaborate with people with a strong passion and attention to detail, qualities that reach our philosophy and generate good design. We investigate the concept of “small” and translate the original concept of mosaic into contemporary patterns, which tend towards a seamless surface ".

Mosaico+ collects the images into two groups: Surface Sections and Moodboard.

Surfaces sections

We imagined cutting the surfaces into sections and then treating them as an absolute design object.

QUILT – designed by Studio Irvine

Quilt is produced as a 94x94 mm square of through-body porcelain stoneware scored so that a segment can be broken off from the rest of the material after grouting. Quilt is available in three base shades, and each colour is available in smooth and structured (raw) variants. The range includes variants in which the detachable segment is in different colours. The squares can be installed in a regular pattern to create a sequence of geometrical figures, or unevenly in a contemporary form of Venetian Seminato. In random layouts, we recommend use of 50% whole-colour Quilt and 50% coloured segment version*. Quilt is suitable for indoor and outdoor floor, wall coverings and pavings and immersion (swimming pools).

P- SAICO – designed by Studio Irvine

P-Saico is a project developed by Studio Irvine based on the material and modularity concept of Sticks. It consists of 10x30 mm stick fragments – 6 mm thick – mounted on fiber glass mesh in irregular patterns to create 315x320 mm modules. The way the modules are composed and the grouting generate a contemporary version of Venetian Seminato.

Sizes: 10x30x6 mm

MIST – designed by Kensaku Oshiro

Mist is a modular mosaic which features two different dimensions of joint. It’s made of float glass rectangular chips in three different sizes with matt finishing, mounted on glass fiber mesh to form a sheet of 300x320 mm. The sheets are engineered to be assembled through a thorough interlocking system of chips that results in an unending pattern.

Sizes: 300x320x4 mm

Sticks - designed by Massimo Nadalini

Sticks is a collection of through-body porcelain stoneware modules suitable for indoor and outdoor floor, wall coverings and pavings and immersion (swimming pools), made from slabs of pressed material cut into the various collection sizes, with different surface finishes.

Sizes: 50x300 mm, 10x300 mm, 10x100 mm


Mosaico+ also presents moodboards, updated from year to year with the inclusion of new collections, which exemplify some possible relationships between mosaic, plasters and wall paintings.