New colletions Jannelli&Volpi 2020: JV Italian Design and JWall.

JV451 Yumiko by JV Italian Design

The line JV Italian Design di Jannelli&Volpi (www.jv-italiandesign.com) is characterized by a refined design and a contemporary style, dedicated to the international market and the contract world. The patterns have an exotic taste, references to eastern textile coloring techniques, geometric designs that recall the pebbles composing the streets of small villages, JV Italian Design is a journey through the beauties of the world.

Among the inspirations the Land of the Rising Sun couldn’t be missed, its traditions, colors and icons are quickly recognizable and it’s from those that the collection JV451 Yumiko is born.

The backgrounds show colorful brush strokes over which scenes of daily life and landscapes are presented. The colors recall the vibrant reds and oranges of dawn, the blue of the ocean sleeping on the horizon and the notes of grey and beige soften the collection.

The pattern Yumiko, which means “the woman who generates beauty”, presents geishas wrapped-up in their kimonos, holding a paper umbrella, a folding fan or playing instruments. These artists, famous for their grace and musical ability, look as if they were hand-painted with a brush, a homage to the calligraphy technique.

Herons are the protagonists of “Sagimai”, an homage to the birds migration and to the traditional dance during which people wear costumes with wide wings and long necks and replicate the fluid movements.

A pattern of waves following one another makes-up “Shikoku”, the smallest among the main Japanese islands, celebrates the ocean surrounding it.

To these graphic patterns some solid patterns are added, they appear always in movement thanks to scratches and marbling.

The collection is available in 87 cm width per meter, printed on natural raffia on a metalized non-woven base.

Paraìso by JWall

JWall Paraìso goes to enrich the JWall (www.jwall.it/en/) offer, characterised by highly technical products and thought to address the contract world.

The collection gets its inspiration from Mexical landscapes and from the endless South American lands. Historical traits and colours recall geometric and symbolic decorations from the Maya and Aztec societies: tropical landscapes over which stunning birds of paradise fly with their colourful and rich feathers, in the Paraìso pattern. Geometrical patterns inspired by Incas and their pre-Colombian knowledge of textiles.

The designs space from pastel colours - with beige, grey, sage and saffron nuances - opposed to strong and deep tones - petrol green, turquoise and bright green.

The wide range of solid colours dominates the collection, staying true to the JWall brand. Reinforcing the collection are strong patterns with a perfect colour coordination.

The collection offers a materic and resistant product. Produced on vinyl on non-woven. It’s available in rolls 10.05m width x 100cm.

Web: Jv Wallcoverings

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