Lixio® Floor: improving the performance of a classic.

In its innovation workshop 40km from Treviso, Ideal Work®‘s specialists have developed a modern coating which can recreate the splendour of those famous Venetian floors, but with a better performance. Called Lixio® ,the surface is comprised of the same high-quality marble aggregates, and the combination of colours matches the flooring of those beautiful historic palaces.

The improvement comes in the new recipe for the binding agent. For architects, this brings a host of benefits. Lixio® is stronger and more flexible than other products. Its abrasion- and wear-resistance makes it extremely durable, meaning it can be applied indoor as well as outdoor – which is a huge draw for designers wanting to create a continuous slab finish.

It is applied by hand by Ideal Work®’s authorized applicators, who perfect their technique through the company’s training programme. In this way, they are bringing the ancient craft – once part of the exclusive noble tradition of Venice’s artisans – back to life.

Lixio® offers cost savings because it only needs to be applied in a layer 6mm-10mm thick – unlike some other terrazzos, which need a thickness of 40mm-60mm as well as a specific ‘underlayment’. Also, its installation time is shorter and more straight-forward than other terrazzos, because of its three components – aggregate, cement-based powder with selected additives, and a water-based polymer – are pre-dosed and ready to be mixed. The surface can also be polished more quickly than other traditional systems.

Lixio®’s glossy marble effect enriches environments from private houses, villas, hotels and restaurants to retail and workplaces, museums and public buildings.

And it is ideal for refurbishment projects. Rather than demolishing an existing floor and starting from scratch, with the right preparation, Lixio® can be applied straight on top, making it a quick and cost-effective choice.

Ideal Work® has recently launched a new variation on Lixio®. With its bigger aggregates (5mm-12mm), Lixio®+ gives a more classic, traditional look. The application technique requires a slightly thicker coating (20mm-40mm), making Lixio®+ suitable for environments which are subject to heavy traffic, such as commercial or public areas.

As well as flooring, Lixio® and Lixio®+ can be used to create pre-cast elements – like tiles – for kitchen tops, tables, stairs, shelves and vertical coatings. Once the product has hardened, these elements can be treated as if they were made of marble.


Lixio® is available in a number of textures, which are created by mixing special high-quality marble aggregates: from pure Carrara White and seductive Ebony Black, to romantic Verona Red. It also comes with a variety of finishings: glossy, slip-resistant satin, non-slip and even bush-hammered – an irregular texture which highlights the material’s tonal variation.

Likewise, Lixio®+ comes in a wide variety of Italian marbles, and it is possible to customize the mix by adding local aggregates. Not only does this make it a responsible and sustainable choice, but it allows for the creation of a product that perfectly matches the culture and the landscape of its setting.

These endless combinations of colours and aggregates mean that Lixio® and Lixio®+ are always unique and customizable according to the desired style.


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