Goldenwall 2020: a new Golden Age to the walls of any project.

A new Golden Age within everyone’s reach

The new Inkiostro Bianco Goldenwall 2020 wallpaper collection brings a new Golden Age to the walls of any project.


The most precious metal since the dawn of recorded time.

Historically used to produce objects, fabrics, furniture for the highest social levels, and precisely because of this symbolic association, in the collective imagination the gold becomes synonymous with wealth, magnificence, power, royalty and refinement.

Just think about the Mayan emperors, the French royal palaces of the seventeenth century and the real adoration of golden decorations during the Twenties.

Returning to the present day in a dimension of more contemporary environments, if in recent decades it had been set aside because it was too excessive, pretentious or even "kitsch", now it is the essential trend of the moment.

It can be a simple precious detail that gives a touch of brilliant brightness, combined with great harmony and elegance, or a cascade of sparkles that capture the eye of the observer and convey an undeniable feeling of charm and solidity.

This trend corresponds to a desire for well-being and luxury that is in stark contrast with the Nordic and minimalist taste that has been emerging in recent years and denotes a new search for beauty and style in the field of interior design.

The Goldenwall wallpaper collection in its 2020 edition once again makes an important contribution to this trend. An innovative coating with gold leaf effect, which combines creativity and desire for preciousness.

Those who choose this support and this particular collection choose to give a different brightness to their environment. A precious feeling made accessible to all those who want to make their guests live a precious dream.

Whether it is a residential project with a refined taste or a high-level hotel project, the golden effect creates new scenarios and gives new creative ideas to "dress" the rooms.

The new decorations presented for this collection are the result of an in-depth study and research on colours and materials, which have created a path in which every style and every taste can be satisfied given the variety of inspirations.

The Goldenwall collection reconfirms a precious dream come true, a contemporary golden age within everyone's reach.


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