Classic surfaces.

It is in the care and attention for the finishing step that the company Armando Rho expresses the highest degree of craftsmanship, thanks to a network of co-operators from the Brianza furniture district on one side and, on the other, to highly skilled workers capable of achieving, also in this stage of processing, a capacity for study and customization that makes each project different from the other and defines it as a true expression of the requirements and tastes of each Customer.

During the important process of the selection of the boiserie, the style preferred by the Client to characterize her/his own living space plays a leading role: it may range from natural wood paneling to lacquered ones, both in different gloss percentages, but always in line with the style of the project. The metal inserts are used to create a touch of contemporary taste but, more often, the choice ends up to the use of exotic and precious woods, further enriched by inlays or handmade paintings or carved wooden elements in of gold or silver leaf. There are endless possibilities: the inlays with precious and semi-precious stones refer to the high Florentine craftsmanship and use precious and semi-precious stones, such as ruby, malachite, coral, diamonds and sapphires, date back to the famous tradition of the Florentine craftsmanship.

The boiserie is always custom-made, starting from surveys carried out on site by the technicians of Armando Rho, and it is then assembled by skilled workers of the company.

The theme of textiles is also very important: the fabrics used by Armando Rho are commissioned to a weaving company based in the district, a guarantee of exclusive and unique designs. The colors, the drawings and the composition of the fabrics are chosen directly and a prominent role is played by silk, used to create unique damasks and brocades, with a constant reference to the past and to the taste of the various historical periods, where woods and fabrics play together the game of recalling ancient suggestions. 



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