Tide's hexagon.

Tide is an acronym for Tailored Italian Decors and the name itself is already a sign of creativity and personalization. This brand expresses in particular the ability to build an aesthetic capsule capable of creating an 'elsewhere' with respect to the world, while maintaining unchanged meanings and vitality: a border that is, at the same time, a defense and a bridge.

Whether it is a house, an office or a hotel as well as other types of residential and public spaces characterized by different functions, Tide expresses the best values of Made in Italy, using cement, lime, acrylic, pearlescent or metallized micro-coatings, raw materials or worked materials with innovative originality and style. In all these areas, Tide confirms its role as 'editor of finishes', also expanding its offer to resin processing, furnishing fabrics and a dedicated wallpaper collection.

The main target is made up of high-end 'interior' professionals addressing private customers and the contract world. With its collections, Tide is able to combine the phase of supply with that of realization, managing to provide an immediate, complete and appreciated service.

Tide’s proposal is organized into six collections divided according to the effect generated by the finish itself:

• Crust offers a continuous decoration with a low relief effect that recalls aesthetics and ancient plasters.

• Smooth is the continuous finish with different aesthetic values: vibrant, flat, crinkled and plastered.

• Pearly offers a pearlescent effect with micro metallic inserts and various material effects, from smooth to plastered, from rough to textured.

• Field evokes the vision of flowery, arid and sandy fields, with a micro-relief effect resembling natural reality.

• Stone translates the strong image of the monoliths into finishing and is smooth, rough and bush-hammered.

• Resin is a continuous decorative finish, with relevant impact resistance, highly appreciated both in its monochromatic and mineral effect versions.

The collection of finishes is presented in 'set design' expressed in a language characterized by an attractive, fresh appeal inspired by the still life of particular volumes, dressed in unusual surfaces in a new way of presenting the decoration, capable of expressing the areas and territories of application specific to each collection.

Since April 2019, Tide’s showroom located in the Durini Design District in the downtown Milan and featuring 300 square meters on two levels, has become a meeting point for designers and architects and a space to organize events and presentations, managing to create a young and dynamic atmosphere, where interior design and art meet, creating promising synergies and profitable networking moments.



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