Cromia 1369 - “Color is a power directly influencing the soul” (W. Kandinsky)

“Color is a power directly influencing the soul” (W. Kandinsky)

Colors have always characterized places and things, fascinating great artists constantly striving to reproduce them as perfectly as found in nature. Cromia 1369 from Ceramica Artistica Giovanni De Maio is dedicated to lovers of color, to the fantasists of chromatic harmonies and of the mixtures of color possible to achieve from among our range of 37. The 10x20 format in which Cromia 1369 is made has 50 pieces per square meter so that, depending on the series, there are dozens of pieces of every color variant. The simplicity of the design, created with a stripe contrasting with the color of the two side bands, generates a very seductive atmosphere wherever it is used. Two in the series are based on a family of color (Nero [Black] and Turchese [Turquoise]) with variations of light and dark tones. Another two (Manganese and Verde [Green]) have a dominant color and the contrasting stripe in another hue. Finally, Coriandoli (Confetti) is a multicolored series, a triumph of the most variegated colors with many, many chromatic combinations. And for designers the Sartoriale (Tailor-made) series will be amusing to work with to even customize the collection, choosing the most disparate combinations of tints in addition to those we propose.



The Cromia 1369 family of black is based on this elegant color and its subtones ranging from pearl gray to while. Mixing these colors generates refined and exclusive atmospheres.


The main color of Cromia 1369 Turchese evokes natural atmospheres, with the light and dark shades of turquoise and the white reminiscent of the sky and clouds and the dark tones of deep seas.


In Cromia 1369 Verde the colors of nature are always the stars. The nuances of green together with red celebrate flowery meadows, mountains, landscapes full of trees.


Manganese is one of the oldest colors used in ceramics and the principal color of Cromia 1369 Manganese. Here the tones are warm, in harmony with the dove dray and strident orange batik.


The Cromia 1369 Coriandoli series is the most vibrant with its triumph of colors, truly myriad. Thanks to the many colorations in this joyous series it really lends itself to the most different environments and not only the domestic.


Cromia 1369 Sartoriale is the series permitting personalization of the four 10x20 subjects comprising the kit’s square meter. So you can choose between the 37 colors of our range and combine them to meet your tastes and requirements, creating exclusive colorations.


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